Geek Dudes Podcast
Geek Dudes Episode 7

Geekmas Festivities are here to be enjoyed and the final Geek Dudes of 2012 has arrived!

Apart from the usual Geeky Goodness we also discuss our fave Christmas TV specials and Christmas present Greatness and disappointments.

We thank everyone who listened and supported the show in its first year and cant wait to come back in Jan 2013.

We hope you and your loved ones have a awesome and safe Christmas/New Years and may you get lots of toys and comics in your stockings.

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Geek Dudes Episode 6


The Geek Dudes are back on your listening device!

On this weeks episode:


Ironman 3 discusi...look we discuss many cool things but FREAKING EPISODE 7 IS COMING!

Let the nerdgasm begin

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Geek Dudes Mini- Interview with Cassandra James

A few weeks back at Armageddon Expo, Dave sat down with the talented Cassandra James to discuss her newly released work on Alex De Campi's 'Valentine' comic book, how she broke into comics and why she wants to be there?

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Geek Dudes Episode 5

Geek Dudes Episode 5-The Mega Powers Explode!

On this episode:

TV and Movies discussion

Must Ryan Reynolds ruin everything?

Great Strip Club aliases

The teams thoughts on Arrow-FULL OF SPOILERS

Thoughts on the new Ninja Turtles series

Fury at Elementary (without seeing it)

The Joker has returned!

Were movies better back in the day?

We Didnt Know The Lyrics

Do Books ruin movies?

Who Lost Their Smile? returns and F.U I like IT debuts

Plus much more

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Geek Dudes Episode 4

Geek Dudes episode 4 is here discussing all sorts of Geekery!

Discussed on this episode:

Mitch captures the title of 'Mr Podcast'

The iphone 5 is here but is it any good?

Finding Toys in the wild

Daves amazing Geekly arrival

TV Shows holding up today

Matty Collector Shenanigans

Comic Book news

Appropriate comic books for kids

Disaster hits 'We Didn't Know The Lyrics'

The closest battle of 'Were Movies Better Back In The Day?'

Geek Dudes clangers

'Spank Choice Of The Week' heads East

And Chris continues to fight for the prequels honor 

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Geek Dudes Episode 3

Episode 3 of Geek Dudes is here- HUZZAH!

On this episode:

The iphone 5 is here so let the Apple and Android fan boys battle it out.

Will Nintendo's Wii U suck us all in again to buy it?

Lobo and Ant Man are heading to our screens

Animated happenings

DC '0'

We Didn't Know The Lyrics

Were moves better back in the day?

The greatness of Gangnum Style and Ellen gets called a terrible, terrible word

Dave wonders why there is no love for Wonder Woman, the team read some listener feedback and much more

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Geek Dudes Episode 2

After a successful debut (thank you) the Geek Dudes return for all your geeky needs.

In this episode:

The amazing origin of the name 'Geek Dudes'

S.H.I.E.L.D gets its own tv show

Star Wars Clone Wars and Detours plus a butchering of the name 'Ahsoka Tano'

DC's big new Romance

Another installment of 'Were movies better back in the day?'

The continuing saga of 'We Didnt Know The Lyrics'

The Great Superman movie debate and we read some listener feedback

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Geek Dudes Episode 1

The Debut episode of Geek Dudes is here!

Discussed on this episode:

We meet hosts Chris, Dave and Mitch

Movie discussions including a broken promise to not discuss the Dark Knight Rises for too long

Acceptable Remake timeframes

Are we all sick of origin stories?

Whats everyone reading?

The first installment of 'We Didnt Know The Lyrics'

Who lost their smile? and 'Spank Choice Of The Week'

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