Geek Dudes Podcast
Geek Dudes Episode 3

Episode 3 of Geek Dudes is here- HUZZAH!

On this episode:

The iphone 5 is here so let the Apple and Android fan boys battle it out.

Will Nintendo's Wii U suck us all in again to buy it?

Lobo and Ant Man are heading to our screens

Animated happenings

DC '0'

We Didn't Know The Lyrics

Were moves better back in the day?

The greatness of Gangnum Style and Ellen gets called a terrible, terrible word

Dave wonders why there is no love for Wonder Woman, the team read some listener feedback and much more

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Geek Dudes Episode 2

After a successful debut (thank you) the Geek Dudes return for all your geeky needs.

In this episode:

The amazing origin of the name 'Geek Dudes'

S.H.I.E.L.D gets its own tv show

Star Wars Clone Wars and Detours plus a butchering of the name 'Ahsoka Tano'

DC's big new Romance

Another installment of 'Were movies better back in the day?'

The continuing saga of 'We Didnt Know The Lyrics'

The Great Superman movie debate and we read some listener feedback

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