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Geek Dudes S2 Ep3 NSFW Edition

The Geek Dudes return for another show and we get to hear what happens when they record well past their bedtime.

In a very blue episode of The Geek Dudes Podcast-Chris, Dave and Mitch go over the happenings in Superman, Justice Leauge, Uncanny X-Men and take a good look at the final issue of the Batman saga 'Death Of The Family.

Also, 'Arrow Watch', 'We Didnt Know The Lyrics' and 'Were Movies Better Back In The Day' return and we dicuss the battle of The Nintendo Entertainment System vs The Sega Master System.

But the show goes to hell though as 'Slash' fiction is discussed....

Not a show for the kiddies folks but a good bit of fun for older ears (not sure the show has ever been kid friendly?)

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Geek Dudes S2 Ep2

The Geek Dudes return to talk JJ and Star Wars! 

Also, the usual comic book and toys talk,

'Arrow Watch'-has one of the team bailed????

'Were Movies Better Back In The Day?'

and 'We Didnt Know The Lyrics' makes its triumphant return!

Along with all the usual debauchery its a fun show. 

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