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Geek Dudes S2E12 AFFLECK!!!!!

We have rushed out S2 Ep12 of Geek Dudes to discuss the news that had broken the interwebbs...AFFLECK IS BATMAN! AHHHHHHHHH!

We also managed to somehow have an even more ridiculous close than last shows ending.


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Geek Dudes S2 Ep11

S2 Ep11 of The Geek Dudes Podcast is here and contains an epic meltdown!

Chris, Dave and Dirty Uncle Mitch discuss their purchases recently, what comics have they been checking out? Some Transformers talk, were movies better back in the day? ANOTHER Star Wars prequel fight that leads into one of the team losing it (guess who)

A fun episode for (almost) everyone so check it out!

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Geek Dudes S2 Ep10 SDCC

The latest episode of the Geek Dudes Podcast is here to cause nerdgasms in all of your trousers regardless of gender or species!

Join Chris, Mitch, Dave and Jonsey as they take a look at SDCC from this year!

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