Geek Dudes Podcast
Geek Dudes S2 Ep16

The Geek Dudes return in an all new episode where they discuss The XBones release, Dave says 'F You' to everyone and everything, Chris takes a crap on MOTU's new artist, we ask again were movies better back in the day? and Bane belts out another Elton John Classic.

All that plus a heap more in a fun show

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Geek Dudes S2 Ep15

An all new Geek Dudes Podcast is here to tickle your nerdy senses.

Brave Dave, Ol'Dirty Mitch, Chris and Jonsey discuss on this episode:

Jonsey STUPIDLY recommending the podcast to women he has dated (seriously)

A non spoiler look at Thor 2

A Mandarin twist on the rocks

Superhero Docimentaries 

Cap and X Men Trailer discussion

Arrow/Agents Of S.H.I.E.L.D watch

WB should have never released Green Lantern

Australia celebrats its piracy supremecy 

Alan Moore and Watchmen talk

Superman Figure watch (spoiler: NONE HAVE SOLD)

Were movies better back in the day?(tm)

and Dave debuts the awesome new segment: Elton John Songs Sang In Banes Voice

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