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Geek Dudes S2 Ep 17 'A Very Geeky Christmas'

Ho Ho Hey Now!

The end of Year Christmas extravaganza is here to make out with you under the mistletoe as 'Mr DC' Brave Dave, Ol'Dirty Mitch, Chris and Jonsey sip on some egg nog and geek it up one last time for the year.

The show kicks off with 'Arrow Watch' which leads into a big discussion about all the awesome news floating about including The Flash and Wonder Woman rumours, The MANY villans of Amazing Spiderman 2, X Men Apocalypse and much more

Also, 'were mobies better back in the day' Bane belts out a massive Elton hit and Chris tortures everyone with his 'ALL TIME TOP 5 CHRISTMAS MOVIES OF ALL TIME'

Thank you for listening to and supporting us in 2013 and we look forward to geeking out with you again next year.

Have a safe and Merry Christmas

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