Geek Dudes Podcast
Geek Dudes S4E2

Hey Noooow!

The Geek Dudes dance into your listening device for the 2nd episode of our 4th season


Join Chris, Dave, Mitch and Jonsey as they discuss the goings on in the geek world.

Hear their enthusiasm (or lack of?) about Spideys web slinging return to the Marvel cinematic universe, Chris rudely haults the show to watch the Daredevil trailer while Mitch watches the trailer for Magic Mike 2, they ask who is Reverse Flash? The disapointment of Star Wars issue 2 and so much more fun stuff is gone over.


Give it a listen and demand your friends and loved ones do or we will reveal the shocking details of their Tinder date with Jonsey.


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Geek Dudes S4 E1

Hey nooooooow fellow Geeks!


The Geek Dudes have finally recovered from Christmas and the New Year are back for SEASON 4.

Join Chris, Dave, Dirty Uncle Mitch and Jonsey as they catch up on all the Geeky happenings over the Australian Summer and discuss what they got for Christmas, what they saw, read and watched and somehow end up on a long discussion about Hey Hey Its Saturday

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