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Geek Dudes S4 E4

Hey nooow S4 E4 of the Geek Dudes Podcast is here and newsflsh: The Power Rangers STILL suck!


Join Dave, Jonsey, Mitch and Chris as the discuss everything that caused swelling in the pants in the worlds of geek and popculture.

Star Wars annoucements a plenty is a great cause of excitement and the Dudes break it down as only they can.

Also alot of carry on about Supes and Wonder Womens new gear, a potential new He Man movie, Ghostbusters get a 'Universe' and much more fun stuff


Download it and tell everyone around you to as well damn it!

P.S this show is always NSFW 

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Geek Dudes S4E3

The Geek Dudes are back and they are here to point out how fruity the Power Rangers are!

Join Chris, Brave Dave, Dirty Uncle Mitch and Jonsey as they discuss the New York Toy Fair, the Aquman picture and who exactly are the 7 getting united? Attacks on podcasts that use skype and an even more vicious attack on the Mighty Morphin Power Rangers.

A fun...but a little angry episode!



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