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Geek Dudes S4E6

Hey nooow Geek Dudes return for a firey episode!


Join Chris, Dave, Mitch and Jonsey as they take an excited look at the first episode of the Netflix series Daredevil!

They also have a very passionate 'discussion' about potential issues with DC's TV and movie universe and look at the implications of iiNet handing over the details of their custmers that pirated Dallas Buyers Club.

Plenty of other talk about all the things in geek ad pop culture that caught their attention.

A fun/intense episode!

The Dudes will be back next week to discuss their thoughts on The Force Awakens and Dawn Of Jutice trailers.


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Geek Dudes S4E5

The Geek Dudes are back and have failed this city (and the world of podcasting in general really)

Come join Dave, Mitch, Chris and Jonsey as they discuss the latest news and happenings that caught their attention in the worlds of geek and pop culture.


Netflix Au has launched head to head against Foxtels IO3 and they Dudes take a look at their offerings. They also discuss the horrible debut of Powers, a controversial TMNT death, Chris turns the corner on Shia Labeouf and Dave walks out again.


Give it a listen, you know you want to.....

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