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Geek Dudes S4 Ep13

Sure you have listened to many Comic Con recap podcasts..but they wont be as good as S4 Ep 13 of The Geek Dudes Podcast!

Join Chris, Dave, Mitch and Jonsey as they go gaga over what was a pretty awesome SDCC.

From Batman V Superman to Star Wars, Deadpool, Suicide Squad, X-Men...its all in there!

A Super fun episode covering geekdom in a way NSFW fashion

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Geek Dudes S4 Ep12

The Geek Dudes are here with a new episode in all their pre SDCC excitement glory!

Join Chris, Mitch, Brave Dave and Paul Jones as the preview Comic Con and discuss all the news and happenings in the worlds of geek and pop culture that caught their attention


Good Times....

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Geek Dudes S4 Ep11

Hey now!

The Park opened and some of us frollickd (thats what you do in parks isnt it??)

The Geek Dudes take a look at the mega hit 'Jurassic World'.

We have also recovered from the abuse that Season 5 of Game Of Thrones and show you where the bad man (George RR Martin) touched us (the feels)

Along with the usualy loo at the happenings in the worlds of geekery and popculture, The Dudes take a look at E3.


A bombastic episode as always, go give your ears a treat!

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