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Geek Dudes Force Awakens Trailer Bonus Episode

Geek Dudes BONUS EPISODE!!!!

The Force Awakens trailer has wowed the population of planet earth and Chris couldn't contain his excitement until the next episode so he and Jonsey have recorded a special episode discussing their reaction to the poster and the new trailer.

They also break down the trailer scene by scene and speculate on what it means and where the movie is possibly headed.

Come join the fun and excitement!

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Geek Dudes S4 Ep18

The lunacy that is The Geek Dudes Podcast is back for an all new episode!

Join Brave Dave, Mitch, Fresh and Jonsey as they look at all the stuff in the worlds of geek and pop culture that caught their attention.

On this show: Jonseys dating life, is Fantastic 4 in exchange for X Men a shitty trade? What exactly is the plot of Force Awakens? (spoiler free) and much more.

Check it out!

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Geek Dudes Podcast S4 Ep17

"Hold on little listeners, show me what the Geek Dudes have done to you...r ears!"

The Geek Dudes are back in an all new episode of Geeky greatness!

Join Chris, Brave Dave, Dirty Uncle Mitch and Jonsey as they go over all the latest news in Geek and pop culture that caught their attention


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