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Geek Dudes S5 Ep7

The consumer watchdog of Podcasts is back to confront you at your front door on an all new episode of The Geek Dudes Podcast.

Join Mitch, Fresh and Jonsey as they discuss all the geeky news and happenings that caught their attention in a NSFW way.

From X men to Star Wars and every movie in between, Android vs IOS, toy news and an all important update on the Steele Wars shirt saga- this show has a bit of everything for everyone.

Check it out!

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Geek Dudes S5 Ep6

The Geek Dudes are back in an all new episode where united they stand but divided they fall.

Join Fresh, Mitch and Jonsey as they give there thoughts on Marvels highly anticipated movie Civil War.

Also, learn how the other half live as Jonsey describes his experience at the premiere screening.

Along with that, the Dudes cover all the news and happenings in geek and pop culture that caught their attention in a very NSFW fashion.

A fun episode (for most) so check it out

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