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Geek Dudes S5 Ep11

When you need a highly entertaining, NSFW podcast that discusses all the cool happenings in geek and pop culture, who ya gunna call?


Join Mitch, Fresh and Jonsey as they review one of the most controversial movies of 2016- Ghostbusters!

Is it as bad as the trailer left most fearing?

Is an all female cast the worst thing to happen to film in cinematic history?

Did it destroy their childhoods? 

Lets face it, probably no to all the above but check out the show to hear an honest opinion of people that went to the movie hoping it was good.

Also the dudes give their thoughts on Pokemon GO and heaps more so check it out.


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Geek Dudes S5 Ep10

Darth Vader is back!

And so are The Geek Dudes in an all new episode.

Join Fresh, Mitch and Jonsey on episode 10 of the fifth season of The Geek Dudes Podcast as they take a look at EW's articles on Star Wars Rouge One.

They also go over all the latest news in a geek, pop culture, toys and tech that caught their attention

A fun, NSFW as usual


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