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Geek Dudes S5 Ep18

The biggest arseholes in the galaxy are back!...for an all new episode of the Geek Dudes Podcast!

Join Mitch, Jonsey and Fresh as they discuss the trailer for the second biggest arseholes in the Universe- The Guardians Of The Galaxy, in their 2nd cinematic outing. 

They also take a look at Logan, The Nintendo Switch and much more.

A fun NSFW episode so check in out.

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Geek Dudes S5 Ep17 Rogue One Trailer Discussion

The Geek Dudes are back and clearly have not stolen the plans to producing a good podcast,

They stole the plans to a great one!

Join Fresh, Mitch and Jonsey as they take a look at the latest trailer for Rogue One.

They also look at Force Friday in Melbourne, the new Power Rangers trailer, NYCC and much more.

NSFW but so much fun

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Geek Dudes S5 Ep16

The DC Movieverse of podcasts is back as Ep16 of Season 5 of The Geek Dudes Podcast drops.

Join Mitch, Fresh and Jonsey as they discuss everything in geek and pop culture that caught their attention.

They also break ground (cough cough) by going over the Star Wars Prequels place in history as they discuss the new documentary "The Prequels Strike Back"

A fun episode so enjoy

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