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We only know one truth..It's time for an all new Geek Dudes!

Join Fresh, Mitch and Jonsey as they not only give their thoughts on The Last Jedi teaser but all the news and happenings at Star Wars Celebration.

The Dudes also look at the perplexing success of The Fast And The Furious movies, Thor Ragnarok, SHAZAM! and much more.

A really fun, out of control NSFW episode.


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The Geek Dudes have "come together" in a Justice League way as opposed to a Bukkake kind of way in E6 of S6 of the Geek Dudes Podcast.

Join Fresh, Dirty Uncle Mitch and Jonsey as they look at all the trailers that dropped over the past few weeks.

Spiderman, Transformers, Apes and of course Justice League, this is a loaded NSFW episode!

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