Geek Dudes Podcast
Geek Dudes S4 E8

The Geek Dudes are back and theres no strings on them!

Join Chris, Dave, Mitch and Jonsey as they take a look at Avengers: Age Of Ultron

What did The Dudes think?

Well they didnt all agree (surprise, surprise).

They also discuss the Vanity Fair Star Wars reveals, Joss getting attacked by feminists, The Jokers tatts and the Suicide Squad images.

Along with the usual fun discussions about all the stuff that caught their eyes in the worlds of geekery and pop culture, this is a Stay Puft Marshmallow Man sized fun episode!





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Geek Dudes S4 E7

Tell me, do you bleed?

Well if you do, grab a band-aid and strap yourself in for the appropriatley numbered Episode 7 of Season 4 of The Geek Dudes Podcast.

The world has gone trailer crazy and the Geek Dudes are no different.

Join Chris, Dave, Mitch and Jonsey as they look in-depth at the AWESOME Force Awakens and Dawn Of Justice trailers.

In an all trailer-all the time episode the Dudes also checkout the Fantastic 4 and Jurassic World offerings!

Theres also a look at Star Wars Celebration and all the usual fun discussions about what caught our attention in the worlds of popculture and geekery.

A really fun episode that we hope you enjoy listening to as much as we enjoyed recording it.

Stay tuned for our next episode where we will review Age Of Ultron


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